Dental Care in Tel-Aviv, Israel

While dental care in Israel is not included in the basic Israeli health insurance plans (Kupot Cholim), the costs are significantly lower than they are in the U.S. Supplemental insurance plans (available through the Kupot) often cover some free treatments and/or discounts on dental care, including one free checkup with x-rays per year. Some health plans offer free restorative care (i.e., filling cavities, root canal, etc.) to children up to age six. Many services are available at a discount, including orthodontics.

Waiting periods for discounts on basic treatments such as cleanings, x-rays, fillings and root canals are variable. During these waiting periods, the insured continues to pay his/her monthly fees despite not being eligible for these services.

Please note that all free services and discounts only apply at health plan-affiliated dentists.

Many Olim choose to access dental care through private dentists, without receiving reimbursement from their health insurance plans. A dental exam, with x-rays generally costs between 200-300 NIS.




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